Our Services

Murphy Battery provides following services: (click to see more details)

The battery needs to be charged in below conditions:

  • A Car lights have been left on and the battery has drained.
  • Improper earthing/ short circuit/ loose connection due to which the battery has run down.
  • Improper charging system causing the battery to gradually run down.
  • Low running / use of the vehicles due to which the battery drains gradually.
  • Defective battery it will not hold charge needs to be replaced after testing.
  • Improper maintenance (Topping - Up) causing the battery to drain.
  • If the UPS/ INVERTER/ SOLAR batteries have fully discharged, means is also off / not available and the system draws current causing the battery voltage to go down below 10 volts or lower per battery. In such cases after the mains is on, the battery does not start charging on its own. And it needs to be charged or atleast boosted till the minimum voltage of 10 volts has been achieved and the system take over the charging from their on.

In all above conditions we provide our services to charge the batteries , on site, provide a service battery where ever possible at a nominal charge, arrange boost charging on sites. Our team is well trained for handling all possible situations.

We are just a call away at our nearest branch.

The installation services would be required when you buy a new battery from us (i.e. complementary). The UPS/ INVERTER batteries need to be replaced, the battery is not working and needs to be charged/ tested.

Our team is fully trained and available for the above services always.

Please call the nearest branch for the same.

We provide battery testing facilities for all types of Lead Acid Batteries like Automotive, Industrial, Solar, Maintenance free, Sealed Maintenance free, VRLA and more under one roof. Our infrastructure is well euiped with chargers, testers and dischargers handled by trained team for the best results.

 Please call the nearest branch for the same.

We provide the below services:

For Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) we follow the below:

All the above are very important to ensure the battery is used and kept properly, in good condition and gives a longer life.

 For our service please call our nearest branch and ask for AMC.

  • Repair for damaged / worn out battery terminals.
  • Any repair for hard rubber repairable type batteries.
  • Annual Maintenance for batteries used for UPS/ INVERTER/ LIFT INVERTER/ Process control Equipment/ SOLAR and many more power backup application.
  • One visit every 2 months.
  • Battery check-up- voltage, gravity and water topping-up.
  • Using distilled water for topping- up.
  • Cleaning the terminals and applying petroleium jelly.
  • Checking the charging systems for proper functioning.
  • Reporting for any defects in the system / battery.
  • Providing break down service within the shortest possible time.
  • Providing service batteries / service UPS as an when required.

We install the UPS / INVERTER when purchased new, re-locating to another place , renovation of the premises etc.

The repairs are generally taken care by UPS / INVERTER manufacturer directly. We can provide their help line numbers to our customers. We can also arrange to provide a service system, pick up and get your UPS repaired from the manufacturer at a nominal charge; ensuring you get the power backup always while your syystem is being repaired.

  • When placing battery, ensure that it is secured firmly in the cradle. And the battery tray is cleaned properly.
  • Always keep terminals and clamps clean and grease-free and never hammer down the clamps. Keep the battery top clean from mud and dust by cleaning with a cloth having little moisture.
  • In case of heavy mud covering the battery, the top should be cleaned and then vent plug to be opened with a rupee coin and immersed in distilled water to clear the mud. Ensure there is no blockage in the vent plug top.
  • Ensure that the clamps are always firmly tightened.
  • Do not keep normal batteries idle for more than 3-4 weeks and MF batteries idle for more than 10-12 weeks.
  • Make sure the connecting cables are fixed to the correct poles. (first +ve to +ve then -ve to -ve)
  • Apply petroleum jelly on the terminal cable clamps but never apply grease.
  • In case of maintenance-free (MF) automotive batteries, vent plugs can be opened with a rupee coin.
  • To protect the batteries from damage, recharge at recommended current (amps) only.
  • Do not operate or charge battery if electrolyte temperature exceeds 60°C.
  • Put the correct capacity of battery in the vehicle to get the best performance.
  • Periodically check the voltage regulator output as over and under charging can be harmful to the battery.